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As the name suggests, portable scooters are the easiest type of scooter to transport. They disassemble to fit into the most compact of cars. Although portable scooters disassemble into pieces as light as 10kg., they're no lightweight when it comes to performance, with typical weight capacities between 113kg and 159kg at speeds up to 8kph, and driving ranges of 16kl to 32kl,  based on model.

Portable scooters come in 3 and 4 wheel versions. 3 wheel portable scooters are more maneuverable than 4 wheel portable scooters, turning in tighter spaces. However, 4 wheel scooters offer a bit more foot room than 3 wheel scooters, and can feel more assured on varied terrain outdoors (however, portable scooters are not meant for exceptionally aggressive outdoor terrain).

What's required to transport a typical portable scooter

  1. Remove the seat by lifting it off of the scooter
  2. Remove the battery pack by lifting it off of the scooter
  3.  Undo the retaining clips that connect the front and rear halves of the scooter, separating the frame into 2 compact pieces
  4.  Fold the tiller (steering column)
  5.  Place the scooter components into the vehicle